Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking is the process of developing a product based on the consumer needs and problem.
It is a very creative process that involves empathizing and ideating based on the consumer.

The 5 Steps in a very simple and understandable words.

Problem Statement/Empathize

Identify a driving problem that inspires others to search for creative solutions. Look at the consumer needs and problems in the society. Look at the activities which consume most of your time.

Define the Problem

Inspire new thinking by discovering what people really need. Note down problems faced by consumers and people around you. Look at various resources such as the internet and books for defining the statement.


Push past obvious solutions to get to breakthrough ideas. Use your creativity to design and describe a solution for the problem.


Build rough prototypes to learn how to make ideas better. Use drawings and CAD Models to design and create a prototype.

Test and Consumer Feedback

Refine ideas by gathering feedback and experimenting forward. Look at various feedbacks and improvise your designs. Craft a human story to inspire others toward action.

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