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Course Coursera - TensorFlow Specialization
Course Coursera - Intro to TensorFlow in ML, DL & AI
Course Coursera - TensorFlow CNN
Course Coursera - TensorFlow NLP
Course Coursera - TensorFlow Time Series & Prediction
Webinar ED Apply - Intro to ML
Webinar ED Apply - Image Classifier
Course NITI Aayog - Android Development
Course NITI Aayog - Robotic Process Automation
Course Zero2Maker - Web Development Course

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Competition Ideate For India - Tech Creations Champions
Competition Eureka! Junior
Competition IRIS National Fair
Competition Macmillan Budding Scientist Award
Competition Telangana State Innovation Cell
Competition IIA International Innovation Fair -2019
Competition Maker Faire 2019
Olympiad Humming Bird CS Olympiad
Quiz ISRO Quiz 2019