Hi! I'm
Hemesh Chadalavada.

I am a 15-year-old Web developer and an Innovator making web apps and innovations.


Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2021

I was very honoured to receive the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Shakti Puraskar for the year 2021 in the category of Innovation.

My Projects


ALpha Monitor

Smart Wristband to Monitor Elderly & Disabled. An Aid for Elderly
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Platform for hosting paid seminars and courses online.
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Platform for helping experts in scheduling appointments online.
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Smart Seatbelt & Accident Notifier

Accident alert system.

Pothole Detection with TF CNN

A pothole detection which alerts the MC regarding potholes.
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Robot To Help Elderly and Disabled

A robot for elderly with healthcare devices and a smart home system.

What I like to do

Web Development

I love to make web apps and sites with NodeJS, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and React.

Product Development

I made many projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi & NodeMCU. I also use EasyEDA & OnShape.

Machine Learning

I use Tensorflow with TFLiteJS and Keras for ML Projects.

Achievements, Awards & Prizes

I won a few Awards and was featured in a couple of Newspapers.

Contact me

Contact Me for further Queries, Oppurtunities & Collabs and I will try to reach out as soon as possible.

You can also reach out to me on Twitter and hemeshchadalavada@gmail.com

Certificates and Courses

Look at my Certificates I got and my assignments and experience of my Zero2Maker Course.

Hemesh presenting at Parade Grounds, Hyderabad.

Hemesh presenting to Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Electronics and Information Technology