Hemesh Chadalavada

My Portfolio -
Entrepreneur, Electronics Hobbyist, Programmer & an Innovator.


I have won a few Awards and was featured in a couple of Newspapers. They are as follows:-

Winner of Ideate For India

I am the winner of Ideate For India out of 1,33,000 students. Top 50 students were declared Tech Creation Champions and were invited to Delhi. I was awarded by Hon'ble Minister of IT and Electronics, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad and the Head of Intel India, Ms. Nivruti Rai.
January 2020.

Winner of Eureka! Junior 2019

I am the winner of Eureka! Junior 2019 out of 800 students. I was awarded Rs. 50,000 by Mr. Rishad Premji, Chairman Wipro Ltd. I also received a trip to Broadcom Bootcamp, USA and a visit to a Summit in Singapore.
February 2020.

Zero2Maker - Student as Mentor

Zero2Maker is a project-based program started by Prof Rajesh Nair, Asia School of Business, Malaysia to introduce school and university students to Design Thinking and Technology.

I have been a part of Zero2Maker as a Student Mentor. I have also attended the 60 Hour Course by Mr Dhruv Saidava.

Macmillan Budding Scientist Award

I was selected for the Macmillan Budding Scientist Award and was invited to IIT Delhi. My Project was selected amongst the Top 10 out of 7000 students in India. March 2019

IIA International Innovation Fair

I presented my Projects and won Gold Medal For the Smart Wristband to Monitor Old & Disabled and received Silver Medal for Robot To Help Old & Disabled. I also presented my project to Dr.Y.S Rajan (Space Scientist From ISRO) and many International Delegates. December 2019

TSIC Intinta Innovtor

Presented my Project on India Independence Day to the Hon'ble to the Deputy Speaker of Telangana State Mr. T. Padma Rao Goud. August 2019

Ideate For India

Presented my Projects in Ideate For India - South Zone. I was in the Top 3 out of the whole state of Telangana. A Bootcamp was conducted in Banglore for Ideate For India. I was awarded an Intel Galileo Gen2 Worth Rs.10,000. June 2019.

Maker Faire Hyderabad

Presented my Projects in Maker Faire Hyderabad and was appreciated. November 2019.

Inaugural Speaker at SANKALP 2019

Inaugural Speaker at SANKALP 2019 organised by the Good Talk Factory and TSIC. Gave a Presentation on my Project. November 2019.

Provisional Patented

I patented My Innovation 'Smart Wristband To Monitor Elderly & Disabled'.
Currently Patent Pending.
December 2019.

Things I Know

Web Development
I can create Websites and Web Apps using HTML, PHP and CSS3. I have made many Portfolios and Web Products. I have also contributed in some of the major Arduino Libraries.

Product Design
I can create many Products using Arduino, ICs, NodeMCU and the Raspberry Pi. I have made many Prototypes and Inventions using these Boards.

Machine Learning and AI
I have completed the Tensorflow Specialization on Coursera. I can create various Neural Networks and ML Algorithms using Tensorflow, TFLite and Keras with Python.

CAD and Fabrication
I know to use OnShape, TinkerCad, Sketchup and Fusion360. I have printed many CAD Models with the 3D Printer. I also developed many products and projects in CAD.

I am fluent in a couple of programing languages and I am an expert in using Electronics Boards and ICs. I learnt these by watching Internet Tutorials.

  • Programming Languages in which I am fluent

    1. Python and ML - Tensorflow

    2. Arduino C

    3. HTML

    4. Scratch and App Inventor

    5. Java and Android Development

  • MCU Boards and ICs I can use

    1. Arduino

    2. Raspberry Pi

    3.Discrete Logic & ICs

    4. ESP8266 & ESP32

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Hemesh Chadalavada