Hemesh Chadalavada

Web Developer. Innovator. Maker.

About Me

Hello! I am Hemesh Chadavada. I am a 14-year-old Developer from Hyderabad, India. I am a Full Stack Web Developer, ML Engineer and an Innovator with various Innovations. I also Pitched at various Entrepreneurship Contests.

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Things I Can Do

Web Development

I can create Websites and Web Apps using HTML, CSS & JS. I have made many Portfolios and Web Apps even with Jekyll and WordPress.

Machine Learning & AI

I have completed the Tensorflow Specialization on Coursera. I can create various Neural Networks and ML Algorithms using Tensorflow, TFLite and Keras with Python.

Product Development

I can create many Products using Arduino, ICs, NodeMCU and the Raspberry Pi. I made many Prototypes and Inventions using these Boards. I also have experience in Circuit Design with EasyEDA.

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Achievements & Prizes

I have won a few Awards and was featured in a couple of Newspapers. They are as follows

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Hack Club is a Non-Profit network of Computer Science clubs where members learn to code through Tinkering and Building Projects.

I have been a part of Hackclub since the Summer of 2020. Look at the Websites of my amazing Friends at Hack Club by using the Web Ring.